Tom Tops Fashion

Now, let’s see how he makes his preparations so impeccable.


How do I start writing about THE Tom Cruise? He is certainly one of the coolest and most versatile actors our generation has come across. His characters have never failed to impress us with their changing looks and aura. No matter if he was handling secret missions in Knight and Day or being super-cute in Jerry Maguire, his style statement has always been so on point.


With his impeccable sense of style, he has shown us that you don’t need to be wrapped up in all branded stuff to come off as cool. You can just put on a cool black jacket with a white V-neck T-shirt and that makes all the difference.


His display of fashion has never been really difficult to comprehend since he makes everything look so easy and comfortable. Tom has always been a fan of leather jackets and checkered flannel shirts. And, of course jeans. Possibly, the dark ones. Remember the Gap’s “Dress Normal” campaign? That was totally inspired from the Tom Cruise’s fashion playbook.


Cruise carries a kind of charisma and personality that everything he wears take on the same sensibilities. Even a simple white T-shirt and a hoodie was a fashion statement under this law. But, hey, Tom sometimes suits up and that is when the man looks totally irresistible.

He likes himself in rimless and squared sunglasses, geometric or mono-colored ties and his hairstyle has always been pretty much the same, the short and straight cut. Oh, but once he experimented with bangs and he totally killed it! What he’s got with the simple wardrobe that most of the men have is that, he wears them with confidence. His style screams at us a very simple funda- You be you.

Robert Rides The Fashion Coaster

Let’s dig some secrets as to how Robert Downey Jr. manages to pull off anything he wears!

Robert Downey Jr. Gets one all exciting and electrifying, is it? He has a 22 year old son yet girls root to steal a glance at him whereas guys are all cooked up trying to follow his footsteps.5fea3cf0c54f836c2de617a491e45e37 How he carries his unique style statement is still a question that has yet not been resolved but it’s been made pretty clear that this man can come up with any kind of clothes and look undoubtedly magnetic.

His academic style and love for black goes without saying. A man of fine-cut suits, black, not to mention, doesn’t back out from trying new outfits as well.b27f7b146720c7d941ba741981072780 Have you seen him wearing a floral raincoat and purple-tinted glasses? God, it rained love that day!

He pulls this off with perfect magic and what is that? His love for shades. That gives the only thing one needs to transform one’s not-so-general form to outstanding flair. The most important thing is, shades do not overshadow your outfit.

He often lets one piece of his attire to carry the weight of the color and for the rest of it, he chooses to go with 3c8cf9bcc0e283848d9fd8882d81217dmute or the dark ones. He is a bit of a color-coordinator and that, he usually does with his shades.

Started off with checked tuxes, went on to ties and loose shirts.
But, no, he could not go unnoticed. No matter how weird the combination is, he pulls it off with the right attitude and persona. He usually wears what he is most comfortable in and isn’t that the secret ingredient to one’s inimitable style statement?

This man has got a penchant for bravura and making the ladies swoon. Even when he dresses down, he evinces style.

Leo Suits Up

Here’s how Leonardo doesn’t let go of his charm!

Leonardo DiCaprio, an incredible actor, who likes keeping his style on point and gentleman-like.ce3c8fd38282ec5d131d0d8087f6ba1b Leo not only holds our attention through the showcase of his fine acting skills but he manages to behold his fans through his classic style statement. His typical combination of white shirts with a black tux captures the perfect DiCaprio image. But that’s not just what he is. Let us see what else does Leo like!

Leo perfects the art of wearing casual with a tinge of style. On off days, he prefers jumpers and jeans that goes well with his style statement. The Idle Man Merino wool jumper seems his type. He steals the limelight even when wearing a classy patter shirt, a simple V shaped t shirt, or a jacket with his several of the hats.

He pulls of suits like a “suiting” star and he tailors them all according1bdc3142c60e95dc4dd7b0847c6d197a to his perfect fit. Well, it isn’t that hard. A straight cut tailored suit goes with all physique types and that will make the cut! Appointed collar with contrasting ties do look good.
Colored shirts aren’t anything to be afraid of. They go very well with dark-colored suits. The Idle Man has a wide range of smart shirts that could do the job.

Colors like grey, blue, white and black make the perfect choice for the office-goers. Always choose jackets and trousers that are slim-fit. A grey jacket or suit contrasts well with any color of the shirt.

And as far as his hair is concerned, he likes to do a bit of this and a bit of that. We find him carrying a straight blonde, including long hairs. Although his famous onscreen haircut in the role of Jack Dawson is unforgettable.

28cacde246804e935fe071a417e1b7beWith accessories, he is limited. Watches and hats are his game changer. Tag Heuer is his brand when it comes to watches and you hardly find him walking the crowd without his hats.

Though, there’s not much of a fancy tale to tell about Leo, there’s class and style. He is carrying forward the legacy of comfortable gentleman fashion and you know how good the outcome looks!

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Kate “Graceful” Winslet

Now, let’s find out why she deserves that middle name!

The ever-green actress, Kate Winslet stole our hearts when she “drowned” in love with the charming Jack Dawson. Since then, she never looked back. d85437c71c01694553bf42f02ddbb018Her glories also expand all the way into the fashion industry where she happens to turn heads with her simple yet elegant dressing sense, every single time. Since the feather-haired girl bagged the role in a gig at only 11 years of age, she never looked back.

She is spotted from carrying the most English-made outfits with tailor-perfect cuts to wavy gowns. She believes a girl should be able to show off her figure and curves. Well, you have got the flawless ones, Kate! She tries everything, though. From getting lacy to covering herself up with jackets, everything fits her look perfectly.16e2f6e07b955b5bd500a1a53670bc95

Kate carries gowns immaculately. Her flawless figure lets the dress fall graciously enough to attract the audience. And. The elegance with which she carries them? Jaw-dropping. Since the 1996 Oscar appearance when she wore the pink dress on the red carpet, her undeniable stardom and sense of style took a leap. But pink isn’t Kate’s color; she never wore that again.

She takes chances. She wore this Alexander McQueen gothic green dress with golden border with her russet locks and well, though it was controversial among the critics, it was a 2bc049abe5071a7730cdab54eb00c6f8remarkable one.

Like many stars, she is a jacket fiend. We find her pairing them up with trousers, midi-skirts and palazzos.

Oh, Kate’s a fan of laces. Lacy gowns, jumpsuits, and whatnot. She carries them all really well and seem to tie up her fans with those laces! She is seen wearing plunge necklines, with halter-necks, too. So, she does believe in flaunting her awesome figure.2d2f2eb179f0df3eb581fa9e95acadf1

More than the attire, she experiments with her hair a lot! She took the dare when she lopped off her locks into a funky crop for Holy Smoke. Since she doesn’t like her hair overly done, she usually goes for loose buns or just open hair, sometimes a pony does fine for her.

Now that we know why she surely deserves her pseudo middle name, let’s see what we can do about our curves!

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Beckham’s Style Game

Here are the rules to start playing David Beckham’s game!

Whose name comes across your mind when I ask you this? Who is your favorite football player? Ronaldo? Messi? No doubt. But, today I am going to write about Mr. Global e4237d2145c183c812f703145b57538fHeartthrob. David Beckham. The Leyton-born sportsman might have distracted our attention through his world-class football skills but there’s no doubt as to how he defines his superb signature style statements all by himself!
He is a fan of well-cut suits. He is an experimentalist but nothing seems more stylish and more masculine when he puts on a black, grey or a blue suit and walks the red carpet. And what goes well with a classic suit? A tie. It is not necessary to carry a bold or outrageous tie but it could be complementary to the tones of the su2d5f7a9537f8efad892e7149ea9e60c2it and a subtle print like a pin dot or Repp stripe does well. David surely has a command over his suit game!

When it comes to a downtime attire, Beckham goes with black. Not only does it make you look slimmer, but the color could actually turn heads. Every single time. He keeps it simple, though. Staple tailored pieces along with jerseys and leather jackets. He seems very easy with the smart casual wear look. He favors the tux on the red carpet and isn’t shy in shorts or shirts.

David actually is a total package. He could win hearts with his gentleman look and make girls swoon over him with David, The biker look. He can steal the limelight with his James Bond Beckham look as well. Oh, David is a player. He often likes to chaf57ca5548d821e65bb3695103f85ae60nge the rules of the games he plays and that’s exactly what he does with his hairstyles. The experimentalist seems to carry the hairstyles impeccably.

Yes, he has some signatures but. Black jackets, check shirts, plain tees and dark denims. Affordable, isn’t? For formal occasions, he prefers shades of black and navy blue. If the piece is slim fit, it adds an urban classy look.

And then, there’s shoes. You judge a man by the shoes he wears, they say. And that’s the game-changer. Sneakers, brogues and boots should be on the top shelf of your shoe rack. David has it.

a7387ad038a782be36ee0b6cb4c52fe4Apart from the wardrobe, there should be proper grooming. By that, I mean a healthy diet, skin care and a good attitude. He doesn’t own fancy clothes or doesn’t wear glittery make-up. What he’s got with the simple wardrobe that most of the men have is that, he wears them with confidence. Shape yourself right and take good care and the right attitude does the rest of the talking.

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Zac’s Musical Style

Here’s how Zac Efron graduated from being a teen star to being a gentleman!

Zac Efron. He has actually grown into a perfect gentleman since he starred in Disney. No images-5longer the chocolate boy he used to be. The actor is well versed with fashion and he manages to straddle the fine line between boyish charm and the growing gentleman in him with ease.

His style doesn’t seem to experiment a lot but he manages to pull off a clean, neatly done and a perfect piece of fashion sense. His rippling arms and abs manage to cut a fine silhouette in any tailored suit; grey, being his color. He wears them in check, tweed and three-piece. The classie4c9a4bca766cd50985d1dbd8ecf34b7c grey suit remains his attire for the red carpets. His monochromic style statement with a clean gentleman vibe ensembles the images for a more ‘60s Americana look.

He is a definitely a layer slayer. Coats and leather jackets, super skinny denim or chinos in khaki or navy, leather boots and casual-buttoned shirts are his winter collection. His choice of contrast between his scarfs and jackets seem to add up that little bit of extra touch-up to his attire.

As per the playboy look, Zac manages to get himself 36f4bcf612d5308f62cd2a55cc0b4b0ecomfortable with the skinny jeans which seems to rule the look in this category. This is often paired with black leather boots or black high top sneakers which is a collection of simple tees, denim short sleeve shirts to a varsity jacket over white. He makes sure it fits well to his perfectly toned body.

Zac might not be a real style icon but he surely is his own fashionista.

Now, who said teenage stars couldn’t break the mould?

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Dancing With the Curls

Here’s why she Elizabeth Taylor is the most charismatic beauty of all times!

Elizabeth Taylor. The name speaks volumes of glory in itself. She became a silver screen diva and style icon quickly, thanks to her voluptuous curves and picture-perfect smile that captured international audiences. It isn’t hard to see why her beauty redefinedelizabeth-taylor-legend the classic Hollywood aesthetic. With her unexpected and out-of-the-box fashion sense, she manages to steal hearts even today. Endowed with natural beauty and charm, she didn’t have lots of secrets hidden underneath her flawlessness.

In her early days, she chose simple and elegant dresses with plunging necklines which managed to keep up the sex appeal in a way that it did not look vulgar. She carries boldness with such immaculate perfection that it’s hard not to envy her. She loved white during winters with fur shawl wrapped around her. She loved accessories adorned in sequins, flowers, beading, feathers and bows. Her eclectic ensembles always made her the talk of the day.

cartier-elizabeth-taylor1She wasn’t all about black and white. Her love for colors made her look as appealing as she did. Bright hues and bold colors defines her wardrobe. Her collection of opulent jewelry added the ‘glamorous’ adjective to her look. Her outrageous and fearless look towards fashion made her what she was. She had a passion for ornaments and perfumes. Her collection of diamond encrusted jewelry was one of the largest in the world. Following close was the timeless range of fragrances. She believed that fragrance emitted femininity in a sumptuous manner.

For make-up, she preferred blush, and red lipstick, being her signature add-up, she created a sensual look. She believed, shaving facial hair added a kind of exfoliated polish to her porcelain-white face. The God-gifted actress was born with double row of eyelashes and a thick pair of eyebrows, which she accentuated with eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow.elizabeth_taylor_48625-1920x1200

So, now that the iconic actress continues to win hearts long after she is gone, we know why. Her hour-glass figure and violet eyes, her bold attires which compliments her white, porcelain skin leaves us drooling over her again and again. It’s hard to get enough of her sensational look.

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